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All The World's A Stage Multifandom Fic Challenge's Journal
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in All The World's A Stage Multifandom Fic Challenge's LiveJournal:

Saturday, April 1st, 2006
10:11 pm
BSG: A Coin for Charon
Title: A Coin for Charon
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica 2003
Character: Lee Adama
Warning: PG-13 equivalent, angst, deaths
Timeline: Pre-mini up through 2.12 "Resurrection Ship II"
Acknowledgements: Wonderful beta duties courtesy of lilyvalley73 and widget285.

"What's gone and what's past help
Should be past grief." (William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale)

A Coin for Charon
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
5:10 am
Repost of a fic from my LJ which was originally written in July/early Aug and posted on August 26 specifically for this gorram challenge...

Only, I forgot to post it here. *face/palm*

So, please forgive the late entry!

Title: Dragon Slayer
Author: bugchicklv
Etc: Shakespearean quote #12 "I would rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad." From As You Like It. Rayne-ish near the end. No idea of word count, but it's kinda long. unBETAed *curses lack of friends* Slight warning for a couple of naughty words from Jayne.

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
5:05 pm
BtVS: "After the Ball"
Title: After the Ball
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Willow/Kennedy; Core Four friendship
Warning: Alcohol Use. Lots and lots of alcohol use. Including use by minors. And everyone. This is a fic about drinking.
Timeline: Post-“Chosen.”
Summary: Every year, the Watchers have their annual gala. Afterwards, it's the Slayers' turn to party.

"I have seen drunkards do more than this in sport"
--William Shakespeare, King Lear

( After the Ball )
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
7:44 am
Challenge Fic: Suspicion
Title: Suspicion
Author: Willowbough
Disclaimer: Not mine, nor alas, likely to be
Fandom: Hornblower (book version)
Characters: Horatio, Barbara, Marie
Category: Alternate POV scene from Lord Hornblower

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Friday, October 7th, 2005
3:55 pm
A Handful of Sand, NC-17
So, I've finally finished something. I am so proud of myself. (And if you read it on my LJ before I crossposted it here, it's been revised a bit so that it stops driving me insane).

Title: A Handful of Sand
Author: quettaser
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Summary: Done for worldstage_fic. It's the fifth time they've done his and Nick can't stop himself from wanting more.

Fifth time they’ve stumbled home from the lab, Greg’s eyes and hands searing him, burning marks into his skin that only he could see, that only he could feel.
Friday, September 30th, 2005
5:24 am
A Quiet Tempest
This is a bit of an odd one. I used the First Folio version of the quote. Because I am that way.
Fandom:Harry Potter
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns this. Not me. I do this for fun, not profit. Sadly.
Beta: the incomparable diachrony
Warning: Don't read this if you haven't read Half Blood Prince, it has spoilers.

Full fadom five thy Father lies,
Of his bones are Corrall made:
Thofe are pearles that were his eies,
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth fuffer a Sea-change
Into fomething rich, & ftrange

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
2:15 pm
Hey, guys. Just a reminder that the not-really-a-deadline is October 1 (that would be Saturday). Apologies for just now mentioning that...I'm a terrible challenge boss. Good thing this is the Challenge Without Rules and therefore it doesn't MATTER.

Just...you know. Remember that you have a prompt that you can write. If you feel like it. Or not. Whatever. :)

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
10:42 am
All the World's a Stage Fic Challenge

The Spanish Sunnydale Tragedy
by spikeNdru

Written for worldstage_fic multifandom Elizabethan theater quotes fic challenge.
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Genre: Character study, Buffy POV
Characters: Buffy and Dawn
Rating: PG
Length: 3541 words
Time Frame: Three years post-Chosen
Disclaimer: Joss owns the sandbox, he just lets us play in it.
Many thanks to makd for her usual exemplary beta.

The Sunnydale TragedyCollapse )
Thursday, August 18th, 2005
1:47 am
Title: Am I Out of It?
Rating: PG-13
Description: Lilah and Harmony meet, at a very special training seminar.
Disclaimer: Joss only WISHES he thought of this.
Written for: worldstage_fic challenge, with the quote from Dr. Faustus as the prompt. Also for nevermet ficathon, per bohemiancachet's request: Lilah/Harmony, The Simpsons, a broken cell phone, and a pink unicorn. I did a pretty weak job of including the prompts, but I hope I'll be forgiven, since I included lawyer jokes. Not very shippy.
Thanks to: married_n_mich for beta work; inlovewithnight as usual, for important observations, and bitterbyrden for the location of W&H's OTHER training facility.

This story is, of course, ridiculous.

The masterlist for the ficathon, with links to many less ridiculous stories, is here.
FIC: Am I Out of It?Collapse )
Monday, August 8th, 2005
1:40 pm
PoTC: Full Fathom Five (1/1)
Thanks to the Horsechicks for reading and liking, Perri for the beta.
I own nothing, PG-13 only for creepiness.

The Final Fate of Bootstrap Bill: Full Fathom Five Variant
by Christina K
copyright 2005

"Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange." (The Tempest)

Chains were shed along with sanity, a long time ago.Collapse )

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Thursday, August 4th, 2005
9:58 pm
Challenge Fic: Constant 3/3 (R)
Author: Ashley
Rated R for violence and language
Part three of three.
Disclaimer: movie versions.
Summary: Five years into his term, Lancelot discovers just what loyalty and love mean to him.
Author’s note: written for the worldstage_fic community.
Implied Arthur/Lancelot if you look.
Feedback is welcomed.

"I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament." (Julius Caesar)

Constant part Three

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
9:45 pm
Challenge Fic: Constant 2/3 (R)
Author: Ashley
Rated R for violence and language
Disclaimer: movie versions.
Summary: Five years into his term, Lancelot discovers just what loyalty and love mean to him.
Part two of three.
Author’s note: written for the worldstage_fic community.
Implied Arthur/Lancelot if you look.
Feedback is welcomed.

"I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament." (Julius Caesar)

Constant part Two

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Monday, August 1st, 2005
10:33 pm
Quote challenge fic: Constant (R)
Author: Ashley
Constant Part One/Three
Fandom: King Arthur (2004)
Rated R for violence and language
Disclaimer: movie versions.
Summary: Five years into his term, Lancelot discovers just what loyalty and love mean to him.
Part one of three.
Author’s note: written for the Worldstage Fic challenge on www.livejournal.com.
Implied Arthur/Lancelot if you look hard. Figured it was time to bash Arthur a little. *laughs*
Feedback is welcomed.
Thanks for allowing me to participate. The following two parts will be posted soon.

"I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament." (Julius Caesar)

Constant part one

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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
9:34 pm
Drabbles: No Quiet Find
Months ago, my lovely and talented friend and somtime co-writer, lostgirlslair, wrote me a drabble ficlet based on a sonnet of my choosing. It's here. You might want to dip into it so you know what I'm talking about.

The rules we set ourselves are: 100 words per quatrain, 50 for the couplet. Now, for those of you who know me, realize just.how.very.hard. it is for me to restrain myself to 100 words.

I'm not sure if I kept all the ideas tightly segregated into their own little drabblets, as they kind of seemed to leak into other drabble, but...here goes.

Title: No Quiet Find
Series/Pairing: BtVS, G/W
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not for profit. Characters property of Joss Whedon.

Shakespeare's Sonnet XXVIICollapse )
9:27 pm
BSG fic: Ascendant
Title: Ascendant
Author: Widget
Characters: Lee, Zarek
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be (otherwise Lee would be dressed in that towel permanently! Mmmm…towel). No money is being made.
Spoilers: episode tag to “Fragged”. Big fat spoilers for that episode.
Summary: Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall
Notes: Written for worldstage_fic multifandom fic challenge because inlovewithnight made me. She so did!


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3:31 am
Challenge Fic: Like Birds
Couldn't decide between the two quotes, so there's a bit of each.

Hornblower, slash, HH/AK (of course)

Like Birds

The Indy was too small for love. But a prison cell just a few paces long, and fewer wide, would be room enough.

They would wait until night, of course. As the sun's heat receded and the night breeze stole between the window's bars, they would turn to one another and he would be free to let his fingers slide into Horatio's curls, to pull those beautiful lush lips against his own.

Horatio would be surprised, but not dismayed. They had been this close before, when Horatio had slipped bonelessly into his embrace, with Hunter hovering like a damned duenna. Horatio's head had rested against his face, his exhausted body relaxed in a trusting embrace. Hunter might not have noticed it; it might have meant nothing to Horatio--but Archie's whole body had tingled with the closeness."Is whispering nothing? Is leaning cheek to cheek?" Horatio trusted him. Horatio loved him.

And Hunter was gone now.

Hunter was gone, and they were alone. Better still, they were heroes, and the guards were no longer worried about los Ingleses escaping.

They could touch. They could kiss. They could sleep naked, to keep their newly-washed uniforms clean.

As though their uniforms had anything to do with it.

He was lost. He had looked into Horatio's eyes, and drunk his damned water, and somehow he had given up ownership of his soul. He would live. He had to live, as long as Horatio needed him. And if Horatio was determined to go back to prison, then there was no alternative to going with him. They would away to prison, and sing like birds in the cage. Better than staying on the Indy, in some ways. They would never, aboard ship, have the privacy to peel off shirts and breeches and touch one another. They could not stand so close, or kiss...

The cannon's BOOM! broke Archie's reverie, and his beautiful fantasy dissolved in the gun's acrid smoke. Horatio was not his lover. Horatio was a dutiful commissioned lieutenant in His Majesty's Navy, who would never think of violating Article XXIX with a subordinate.

Horatio was a man of honour, who had given his parole.

Horatio was steering them back to prison.

And there they would not sing.

Friday, July 29th, 2005
11:58 pm
First two ficlets
I suppose it's rather appropriate that I should jump the gun entirely. ::rolls eyes:: Well.

Two ficlets, both quite short.

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Warnings: None
Quote: "These words are razors to my wounded heart." (Titus Andronicus)
320 words.
Losing Faith

Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Warnings: Questionable consent, assault-related emotional trauma
"He spake me fair, this other gave me strokes;
He promised life, this other threatened death;
He won my love, this other conquered me;
And truth to say, I yield myself to both."
(The Spanish Tragedy; Thomas Kyd)

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Thursday, July 21st, 2005
4:29 pm
"All The World's A Stage" Multifandom Fic Challenge
The Basics:
* Take a quote from some dramatic piece written during the Renaissance-era heydey of English theater.
* Be inspired.
* Write something.

Questions That I Imagine Would Be Frequently Asked, If That Were Applicable Here:Collapse )
Posting Guidelines:
Post your fic here at the community whenever you're ready. Please include the fandom, quote (with source), and any appropriate warnings in the header, and place the body of the fic behind an LJ-cut. You may also link to a fic in your own journal or archive, but please make sure the post to the community includes those three pieces of information.

Want To Sign Up?
Comment with the following information:

LJ username:
Would you like to choose your own quote or have it assigned to you?:
If you would like an assignment- what fandom(s) are you considering writing in, and are you leaning toward het, slash, femslash, or gen?: (Just to help narrow down what quote to give you; it's not binding in any way.)
If you're choosing your own- what quote and fandom are you thinking about?: (Also not binding; just to give everyone an idea of what to look forward to!)

Fifty Quotes To Get You StartedCollapse )

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2:06 pm
Coming soon!
As in, this very evening, most likely...but since people have very kindly been pimping this comm already, I thought I should have SOMETHING up to let you know that yes, more information will be here very very shortly.

The very brief outline: A challenge to write fic (any fandom you wish) based on a quote from Elizabethan theater. Lots of Shakespeare, but some other writers of the era, too. This is going to be a very non-restrictive challenge, lots of room to do your own thing (mostly because when I try to be all managerial, I get really flustered and end up screwing up).

Details soon!

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